MoneyBee is a product of MyVal LLC

We are an actuarial consulting firm based in San Francisco, California. We help organizations design their retirement plans and forecast their long-term costs.

Our work in the retirement industry has made us aware of the challenges facing many Americans in funding their retirement. There is a worldwide trend towards shifting the responsibility of providing for retirement to individual citizens, as governments and employers provide an ever-decreasing portion of the resources we will need in retirement. At the same time, most of us feel unprepared for such a responsibility.

We created MoneyBee to be a part of the solution. With the help of modern technology and with the right attitude towards uncertainty, planning for retirement can be very manageable for everyone. And like everything else, once we get a handle on it, it can be empowering and fun!

We are not a financial institution and we do not offer any investment products or services. Our goal is solely to help you build a complete, reliable and unbiased plan towards financial freedom.

MoneyBee is completely free to all users. Please enjoy and do not hesitate to reach out to us with your comments and suggestions!