How it works?

Retirement Planning Overview

We know there are so many pieces to the puzzle. It's overwhelming.

That's why we have developed a simple, easy to follow process to guide you through. First, our retirement calculator helps you understand what data you need and where to get it. Then it runs your case through our sophisticated calculation engine to identify all possible paths to a secure retirement. And when you choose a path, we help you manage the ups and downs of life with the same time-tested approach used by pension plans and insurance companies to manage uncertainty.

Retirement Calculator - Basics
1. Retirement Planning Basics

Retirement planning is about finding your perfect balance between: what percent of pay you save each year, when you can retire, and what quality of life you can enjoy in retirement.

Retirement Calculator - Putting It All Together
2. Putting It All Together

MoneyBee calculates all possible combinations of these three basic components. We do that by carefully projecting all your benefits and required expenses. Inputs are based on current information - intuitive and well explained.

Retirement Calculator - Plan for Uncertainty
3. Plan for Uncertainty

Our calculations are intentionally simplified and are based on assumptions about many uncertain future events. In doing so, we err on the side of conservatism. We encourage you to do the same when building your MoneyBee model.

Retirement Calculator - Ongoing Conversation
4. An On-Going Conversation

As your circumstances change, you can continue to re-calibrate your MoneyBee model and make timely and gradual adjustments to your savings rate, planned retirement age or desired lifestyle in retirement. It's a long and winding road, and we're in this together.

Retirement Calculator - Data Security
5. Bank-Level Data Security

We take the security of your data very seriously. All your data is subject to a strong 256-bit encryption in transit. We use Amazon Cloud (AWS) to host our databases, which are also strongly encrypted at rest. Our servers are protected by a firewall monitored 24/7 by a top data security firm.

Retirement Calculator - Financial Advisers
6. Financial Advisers

Financial advisers are always welcome at MoneyBee. We value your expertise and appreciate your knowledge and experience, and our community does, too. We offer additional (paid) services to financial advisers to enhance your client work.

Case study

This case study illustrates what information you will need to enter and what your results will look like.